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Thanks Graham for the timely and efficient creation and implementation of our custom Zendesk widget.

Over the last year or so, our company has grown very rapidly, almost out of control. We realized we needed a more efficient way to offer support to our clients.

After doing some research, we chose zendesk. When we asked them about additional support in terms of setup and customization, they referred us to Graham Robson at Coherence Design.

Simply put, we couldn’t have asked for better service.

Graham took the time to understand our company, our industry and our internal workflow. He than laid out a plan that made sense and implemented it immediately.

He did exactly as promised, when promised and at a great price. In addition, he offered great advice along the way, via email, phone and live webinars.

I can confidently say that if you need help setting up your zendesk, Graham and his team are a must.

Marc Chase


July 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMarc Chase

Zendesk looked like a fantastic way for us to offer customers a help desk / ticketing solution, without the costs associated with big name vendors stuck in the past. The problem we had was zero time available for implementation; however we wanted to make sure to get the most value out of it. After interviewing several different integration vendors, we chose to go with Coherence. Based on our dialog, we could tell they knew their way around SAAS in general and specifically Zendesk! With just a short discussion to understand what we were looking to accomplish, they had the look & feel we desired and came up with a great way of helping categorize and route all tickets. We are now better organized, on top of issues and the clients love it as well. To top it off, we are capturing additional revenue, which used to fall through the cracks, just by having records of work done. This additional (unanticipated) benefit makes the help from Coherence pay for itself!!

Exceptional service from Coherence, I'd highly recommend!


March 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPaul J Kopp

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