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How can I update and maximise my web presence?

You may already have a website, but it's getting tired and old. Your looking to not only freshen it up but also getting it working much better for you - something more interactive and engaging.

A simple method called the 4C's can be used to achieve just this.  Focusing on Content, Credibility, Conversion, & Customer will help you achieve your business goals. A clean modern website is almost a given, since the quality of the content of your site should come centre stage. Credibility can be added by augmenting core content with a blog and forums that enable more direct engagement. This all fosters calls to action, the process of converting interest to contact and through to acquiring and maintaining a customer relationship. A website isn't just a brochure anymore, it's an essential business system.

Jenny has a photography business, she needs to attract customers and help manage the engagement process through the prospect to customer lifecycle. She needs to showcase her portfolio to secure new clients and then deliver the results. A Squarespace solution could be just the very thing.

Bill runs a high-class grocery business and what's to establish an additional channel to market via the web, he needs to sell and track orders in a slick and efficient way. He needs eMarketing promotion, a customer database, eCommerce, and statistical analysis reporting in one complete package. A GoodBarry solution could do this for him.