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We need some new applications or even a whole new integrated suite

The business grows, markets change - you need to provide modern tools to get things done quickly, efficiently, and at less cost. You've read about all this fuss being created by SaaS web applications and you'd like to know how to take advantage.

Does the thought of having to find, evaluate, and worst still implement a new business system fill you with dread? Traditionally, it's not just the software to be thought about, but also infrastructure to run it and the ongoing maintenance. Throw in the capital cost implications and it's easy to see how daunting the whole process can be.

SaaS web applications look to break these barriers and enable you to offer not only great solutions, but ones that don't come with the kind of issues outlined above. Software should just work or be moving fast enough to keep up, the onus of the vendor is to do this as there is little lock-in, since moving on is much less painful.

Harry's business customer is a Support Manager, she wants a new Helpdesk system - something that will really help customers to get good service. The solution isn't fancy technology, just solid intuitive ease of use for both customers and support desk staff. Everything gets logged and completed in a professional manner, the software should be there to help not hinder - everyone involved should just love using it. Zendesk is just such a product that with some knowledge can be readily be configured into a solution.