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About Us

Who are Coherence Design and why should you trust them?

We have extensive experience in implementing web applications and spend more that 20% of our time researching and working with evolving and new vendors coming to the market.

We encapsulate our knowledge in a range of services and solutions packages to match the competitiveness of SaaS.

Coherence Design was formed in 2002 during the early days of the interactive web. Like others we developed our own web content management systems and built advanced web applications.The potential was clear but the technology to make this easy was still in it's infancy - the future looked good for the web as both a medium of communication and method of computing.

Fast forward to 2009 and not only is the future even better, it's a whole lot cheaper and easier to achieve. Indeed so much so, that the technology is pushed to the back and we get to work on the really important stuff of helping clients with implementing web based business systems. Even the most technical aspects of managing a SaaS web application solution are within the grasp of a savvy business person.

Leading Coherence Design is Graham Robson who has a broad commercial and technical background including over 10 years of experience as an IT/Business Consultant, System Architect, and Project Manager. He's guiding principle is that somewhere someone already has a great technology - it's just a question of finding, assessing, and blending together the right components into a solution. Outsourcing as much as you can and concentrate on what you do or should do best - adding genuine value.

As such, we don't build technology anymore, but we know how to find and apply it, and help our clients use it for business advantage. SaaS is the perfect model, you really don't want to be worrying about the nuts and bolts - but rather the whole customer experience of your business via the web, an asynchronous extension of your relationship.